We’re glad to present Jewellery Box by German-born, Copenhagen-based designer Theresa Arns. Her sleak design has a simple and geometric expression and a very sculptural character, whether it is open or closed.

Designer Theresa Arns on her design philosophy, “I think I design in a quite “German way”. I am very pragmatic, but I also think it’s very important that all the objects we surround ourselves with play a warm and poetic part. So, I love working with different materials and shapes and always try to design simple objects with a story to tell”.

We’re excited to see which stories you’ll get from her lovely Jewellery Box.

Theresa Arns is an architect and furniture designer based in Copenhagen. She graduated in July 2013 from the School of Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Arts and is now working on various furniture and interior design projects.

Jewellery Box

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A wooden wonder.

Jewellery box is made to store all your small, precious, personal items. Use it to store jewellery, make-up or tiny office items. Sort your stuff just the way you like it in the small partitions of the box and use the built-in mirror when you’re putting on make-up or jewellery - or just want to check your hair during the day.



Material Oak and mirror glass
Height 4,5 cm
Width 15 cm
Length 28 cm

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