’Office for Design’ was founded in 2010 by American industrial designer Shane Schneck in Stockholm. Since its’ opening the studio has been honoured by International Forum Hannover, Guldstolen as well as being collected by companies such as Google and Skype.

Shane Schneck and his team work for people and companies who admire simplicity and innovation. The studio bridges the worlds of design and technology in a desire to challenge industry standards and discover new solutions to contemporary living. Be they a plywood chair or next generation mobile device.

Phold Ash

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Phold is a family of containers designed to store all the small things in life. Shane Schneck has designed the series that come with an innovative lid that is attached to a soft and food safe silicone body.

Making it a bit more fun - and much easier - to store your stuff in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or office. All containers are food safe.



Color Ash
Height 5,9 cm
Ø 7,5 cm
Material Silicone