Care instructions: Just like silver brass reacts on the atmosphere and daily usage. We therefore recommend use of metal cleanser or brass polish for cleaning.  

ferm LIVING brass products are dishwasher safe, but will need polishing more often as compared to if the products are washed by hand. Therefore, we also recommend hand wash.

Fein Brass Measurement Spoons

By Ferm Living

The brass measurement spoons from ferm Living's Fein series will turn your baking and cooking into a glamorous and fun experience. And when you are not using them they will definitely become a beautiful decoration and a metal accent in your kitchen. We recommend hand wash for best result. Polish when needed.



Volume Measurement spoons: 25 ml - 50 ml - 100 ml - 1 cup
Size 10 x 15 cm
Material 100% Solid brass with mat polish

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