Clown Kokeshi Doll

By Sketch Inc.

Wooden doll of a clown by

Becky Kemp is the artist behind the imaginative world of Her work is an exploration of geometric expression, Japanese illustration and Nordic aesthetics. Inspired by traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls, Becky has formed her own universe of hand painted designer figures each telling their own little story.


Material Hand Painted Schima Superba Wood
Height 14,5 cm
From a young age, Becky has been illustrating her daily impulses in a sketch- book. Born into a creative family, Becky always knew that she wanted to create and design. She studied Fine Art Painting and worked as an art teacher before following her dream of working independently full-time.
Having sketched all her life, it only seemed natural that the name of her studio should bear a celebration of this. was born in 2011 with her hand-painted Kokeshis generating a buzz within the social medias around the world. Becky has an uncanny talent for communicating with precision while still maintaining a humoristic and creative impression - a key combination that has lead to her success and cult following.
Lucie Kaas and Becky have joined forces in a collaboration that complements Lucie Kaas’s interest in working with design talents from around the world. The for Lucie Kaas line will include a series of Kokeshi dolls in 16 different designs. Kokeshi dolls are traditional Japanese figures characterized by a large head and a simple body. Though customarily given as symbols of friend- ship, Becky’s modernization of the dolls transforms them into small designer objects. Some of the figures are inspired by historical icons from the art and design world, while others are born from Becky’s own fantasy.Every doll is hand-painted, maintaining the originality and precision that characterizes the work of