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  • The soft light grey nuance is both classic and extremely modern. The transparent glaze of the Bellino storage jar offers an elegant look at the natural variations of the light grey colour in the ceramics. The essential Bellino storage jar has a perfect size for storing small things without having to spend much time finding them again.

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  • This beautiful white cup is multifunctional and can be used for a bit of everything. You can naturally enjoy your coffee or tea from the elegant cup, but you can also use it as a bowl for delicious blueberries or sweets. Designed by: Hans-Christian Bauer

  • This grinder from Kähler's Hammershøi tableware embodies an exciting encounter between the elegant Nordic materials ceramics and wood. The grinder is adorned with an elegant and graceful white knob, which besides being an elegant detail also has a functional advantage. The beautiful furrows make the grinder easy to use and fill with spices.

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  • Kähler's Hammershøi tableware is perfect for everyday use and festive occasions. The stunning tableware is lifted a trifle from the table to make the ceramics appear stable with a slightly hovering elegance. The plate is available in three sizes, allowing you to compose your own tableware. You can also match with the other Hammershøi elements like the...

  • The smallest vase of the Omaggio series measures just 8 centimetres and is therefore ideal for small, light spring flowers from the forest or garden. The hand-painted stripes are available in lively colours in the form of dreamy old rose and fresh light green. The two summer colours are tied together by the iconic black stripe, characterising the Omaggio...

  • The elegant Omaggio pearlescent vase is a perfect design statement for the home. The discrete colour offers a warm comment to the ceramics and becomes an elegant interpretation of the classic Omaggio vase. The pearlescent colour creates a wonderful, subdued tone-on-tone look that matches elegantly with any stylish décor. Let the exquisite Omaggio...

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  • This Omaggio vase is perfect for all types of flowers and bouquets. The graceful classic rose colour adds a feminine touch to the minimalistic Nordic home. The soft shape of the vase complements the rose-coloured stripes to engender a more mild expression than the brighter colours of the Omaggio series.