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  • The Troll Vase by Menu represents the beauty and dynamics of the glass, as the color depends and changes according to the thickness of the glass. Use the wonderfully rounded medium size Troll vase in Midnight blue either alone or with the large and extra-large versions of the vase.

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  • Uncover is a small side table with a removable and reversible tray. The tray has wood on one side and bright shiny metal on the other, so you get 3 different looks and expressions in one table. 1 without the tray where the table is fully functional and 2 different ones depending on which side of the tray is up.

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  • The Warren Lamp is part of the Tribeca series, made in close collaboration between Menu and Søren Rose Studio. The Tribeca series is a mix of lamps, pendants and chandeliers, all inspired by the New York City glamour of the late 1930s. The name Tribeca refers to a very popular part of New York in lower West Manhattan, the Triangle Below Canal Street.

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  • Meet Willmann Vase - Danish design vase by Hanne Willmann. Aka little miss look-who’s-here! Forget all about doing things ‘as usual’, she expects new thoughts, energy and courage! And you can almost hear her yawning from the windows when you prepare your eggs just as you always do. No, bring something new to the table, some freshly cut stalks and some...

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  • Like wires on a bin. The name NORM indicates the importance of drawing inspiration from traditions and norms that have been refined for many centuries within the field of architecture and aesthetics.In all their work and design, NORM makes it a virtue to focus on quality, durability and timelessness. Something they also display with the simple, but...

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  • The Yeh Wall Table is the perfect place to rest books, magazines, flowerpots, table lamps, small objects, or even your afternoon coffee. Use it in the hallway, as your new bed table, besides the sofa, or as a clever graphical element in your living room.

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