• This gorgeous toy sack is made of paper, white and brown. Durable and reusable many times over. Once placed and arranged into shape, the paper bag becomes a design object in any kids room. Perfect for storage of toys, books or teddy bears.

  • The stunning Hammershøi tableware has decorative furrows, giving it a classic look and letting the glaze flow elegantly and slightly transparently across the vivid idioms of the ceramics. The subtle furrows also have a functional advantage and make the grinder good to hold and easy to open. Designed by: Hans-Christian Bauer

  • A miniature vase with Kähler's iconic black hand-painted stripes is indispensable in the modern home. Decorate using the small black-striped miniature vases from the Omaggio series in the small corners of your home where they combine to create vibrant dynamics. A forget-me-not or a snowdrop is ideal for the 8 cm tall Omaggio vase.

  • Now a legend, BIRD is the essence of Danish design. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction. Created as a family, BIRD can express happiness, sadness and curiosity, living alone or together as a family.

  • The mascot for the entire Nepal Project. This soft wool Teddy can be a decoration as well as a beloved toy. The arms and legs are movable.

  • Need a basket for firewood, blankets, cushions, yarn, magazines, toys or laundry? You name it – these multifunctional wire baskets will keep it. You can even use our smoked oak tops and turn the baskets into tables. They are made of iron wire with powder coating.

  • Tough on the outside, romantic on the inside. Menu Chunks by Andreas Engesvik is a series of raw and robust candleholders for regular candles. 2 different kinds of material in 2 different sizes, ready to mix, match and mismatch just as you like.

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  • Mormor is a humorous series of dinner service suitable for every occasion, and the various pieces can be put together to create exactly the look you want. Mormor plate is perfect for small and larger get-togethers. Use it for lunch, breakfast or dinner. Suitable for dishwasher and microwave.