• Spoonless is a small series of smart containers that create a warm atmosphere in your kitchen. Simply remove the cork lid from the small spout and pour without using a spoon. Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen love simple and easy-to-use products. They work with abstractions and reduction while still aiming for a maximum of function, smartness and beauty.

  • Graphical wall calendar made of 170 g paper by German design team Snug Studio.

    $17.32 $5.20
    Reduced price!
  • Create order in your chaos of small items with the Astro trays. Astro comes in five different sizes that can be combined and stacked in different ways, allowing you to create a personal storage system for all those everyday items you never know where to put. Or in other words; the things that often create a mess around the house.

  • This way please! This cutting board gives directions to your veggies. Its slanted edges make them land where they belong - inside the bowl and not next to it! Thanks to its little contact surface it dries in no time after cleaning.

    $34.74 $27.79
    Reduced price!
  • The stunning Hammershøi tableware has decorative furrows, giving it a classic look and letting the glaze flow elegantly and slightly transparently across the vivid idioms of the ceramics. The subtle furrows also have a functional advantage and make the grinder good to hold and easy to open. Designed by: Hans-Christian Bauer

  • Cubes in wood based on Arne Jacobsen's vintage numbers. Perfect for learning the numbers. The set includes cubes 0-9. CE certified.

  • A small bowl featuring our Forest motif. Great for ice cream and nibbles!! Whether they accompany you at breakfast or for a bit of tea on a quiet afternoon, these friendly ceramics were designed to brighten your everyday with their simple charm and nostalgia. Hand-made and printed in Stoke-on-Trent.

  • Jacquard knitted cotton cushion by Danish interior design company OYOY.The cushion is handmade includes soft fiber filling.