Build a Tree Wall Stickers

by Love Mae

The tree can be built to 1.4m x 1m (tall) (55.1" x 39.4") or 1 x 1.4m (to the side) (39.4" x 55.1"). It also looks amazing if you combine two trees into one big one!Sheet Size : 500 x 650mm (about 19.5 x 25.5")

Please see Sheet Layout (second image) for all sticker contents.

Please see our other listings for add on packs such as Forest Critters and Oh Deer (pictured in 4th photo). 

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All stickers are made of adhesive fabric. This makes them perfect for children and adults alike, as they are removable and completely reusable. Simply just peel from the sheet and stick on the wall! They can be scrunched into a ball and will easily un-scrunch and re-apply to your wall, many times over. Love Mae stickers are non-toxic.

Can be applied to almost any surface, and will not damage your walls.